Schutz Martial Arts Association

These exercises should be performed on your own time, preferably on the off days of your regular classes.  These exercises will be changed on a monthly basis, but I do not recommend throw these out after the month is over.  You should keep these and add them to your notebook for future reference.  Listed below are a Warm-up period and a workout period that needs to be followed as best as possible.  This may be difficult at first, but the more that you do this the stronger you will become.  Don’t give up!

Warm-up (Each exercise is 30 seconds

Jog in Place

Jumping Jacks

Knees up Side to Side

Heels up

High jump

Repeat this set immediately without resting.  First set is Moderate speed and second set is hard and fast.


Stretch for 3:00 and remember to start and finish with a breathing exercise.


Workout:  Again each exercise is 30 seconds.  You will do two sets the same way as the warm-up, but with a 30 sec rest in between the sets.


Set 1


Frog Jump

High Knees (Arms in front)

In and Out Ab work

Power Jumps


Set 2

Power Jacks

Hit the Floor

V – Pushup

Ski Down the Hill


Finish with a light stretch making sure to start and finish with breathing exercises.


Health Tip:  When you start to intensify your training like this it is important to fuel your body with the right types of foods.  High sugar foods are not good for this.  Instead of snacks that contain preservatives and high sugar, try some natural snacks such as carrots, celery, apples or bananas.  Keep checking our website for different health tips and fun snack ideas at .kj