Schutz Martial Arts Association

 Self Defense Classes


As many people know all martial arts were initially designed as a form of self defense.  A common misconception is that you have to be a martial artist in order to know or be effective at self defense.  Our self defense classes and courses are designed specifically to the non martial artist to learn how to recognize potentially dangerous situations, violent behaviors, build confidence and effectively defend themselves.


Our regular classes are customized to accommodate any physical ability and any age group.  All you need to participate is the desire to learn, work hard and become more self confident.  Class space is limited, so contact us if you are interested.

Some of the material that is taught during the courses are:

  • Confidence building techniques
  • Preventive methods and measures
  • Basic striking training
  • Recognition of hazardous situations
  • Vital striking targets
  • Releases from many common grabs and holds
  • Understanding of the importance of fighting back

The courses and classes that are offered are:

  1. Self Defense Course Level 1
  2. Self Defense Course Level 2
  3. Self Defense Course Level 3
  4. Basic Self Defense Classes (4 - 6 weeks one night per week)
  5. Intermediate Self Defense Classes (4 - 6 weeks one night per week)
  6. Advanced Self Defense Classes (4 - 6 weeks one night per week)

We have worked with several organization to provide self defense instruction some of which include Girl Scout organizations, church groups, women's crisis centers and private businesses.  We do have set courses that can be requested or we can customize the training according to your needs or special situations.  

We also offer special corporate courses for businesses.


Please call or e-mail to set up your class today or check our class schedule.